Personal Protective Equipmet Kit

The ministry of health and family welfare directorate general of health service as made some guide lines for the personal protective equipment (PPE Kit), This guideline is for health care workers and others working in points of entries(POEs), quarantine centers, hospital, laboratory and primary health care / community settings.

Denim Jeans

SB Designs emerges Karnataka’s largest denim manufactures

• SB Designs as a unique facility of its kind, which enables our design teams to leverage and a complete infrastructure and capabilities under one roof, to create our signature products and finishes. We give our customers access to the cutting edge developments in Denim.
• SB designs way of life is to provide Innovation and Sustainability, and a large number of global rewards received each year are testimony of our commitment to it.
• SB Designs strength is reflected in our propriety innovative products such as “Moda Rapido”, and brands like “Herenow” that enjoy consumer level co-branding.
• SB Designs is the best denim manufacturing industry