PPE Coverall SB004 Technical Datasheet

360 Hood with Gusset Providing Added Layer of Particulate Barrier in Absence of N95 Respirator*

PPE Coverall SBD-002 is our most versatile PPE Coverall that is the first choice for a host of environments with liquid chemical threats.

key features :

  1. Unique Multi Layered Non-Woven Fabric PP featuring membrane lamination.
  2. Fabric Sourced from ISO, GMP and OHSAS certified manufacturer.
  3. Membrane Lamination provides beneficial combination of Water Pressure Penetration and Breathability.
  4. Liquid-tight seams by use of sealing tape overlay over seam elasticated waist, ankles, and wrists for convenience and freedom of movement.
  5. Two-way zipper with sealable storm flap for convenience and additional protection
  6. Overall Protection with Gusseted Hood

Protection Level

liquid Protection : Type 4 – Liquid Spray (EN 14605-2005+A1.2009)
dust protection : Type 5 – Solid Airborne Particulates (EN ISO 13982-1:2004)
Biological Protection : Class 3 – Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance (EN ISO 16603:2004)
Breathable : Class 3 – Resistance to Water Vapour (EN ISO 11092:2014)


Materials :

Suit Polypropylene Layered Fabric with Membrane Lamination
Zipper CFC Braided Two Way Sliders With Storm Flap
Elastic Neoprene Rubber and Polyester
Thread Polyester

This product does not contain components made from natural rubber latex.
∗This is not a replacement of N95 masks. Users to exercise their own
discretion if using this without N95 based on the risk factors exposed to.

  • non- hazardous particulates
  • non Hazardous Liquid Splash
  • Hazardous Dusts and Fibres
  • Liquid Continuous Contact Immerssion
  • Gases and Vapours
  • Light Liquid Splash
  • Heavy Splash / Liquid Spary
  • Organic Solvents
  • Acids / Alkalis


Our free size garments will allow sufficient movement for the task whilst maintaining a secure fit.

Typical applications may include : Hospital OT, Healthcare, Chemical Mixing, Insectiside Spraying and Paint Spraying. In all cases, a risk assessment should be carried out. Always read product user information. Use limitations and performance data should be considered to ascertain the protection required. If in doubt, contact a safety professional.

The table below shows the performance of this product when tested under laboratory conditions. Please note that the tests
may not reflect the reality of use and do not account for factors such as excessive heat and mechanical wear.


Test Test Method Uom Result
Basis Weight NWSP 130.1 GSM 70
Tensile Strength MD NWSP 110.4 N/5cm 120
Tensil Strength CD NWSP 110.4 N/5cm 60
Elongation MD NWSP 110.4 % 55
Elongation CD NWSP110.4 % 65
Air Permeability NWSP70.1 l/m2/sec 140
Resistance to Liquid
Penetration @ 60 mbr NWSP80.6 cmWc 95
BFE ASTM:F2101-19 % 95
Blood Penetration
Resistance Test ISO 16603 Class 3
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